So I’m the type of person who like to set goals, sometimes to the detriment of my own well being. When I found out I was having twins, google became my best friend. I obsessively searched like Jonny5  for information like a scene out of the film Short Circuit (IMPUT!!!!) about anything to do with twin pregnancies. I soon found out that to go ‘full term’ with twins is quite some achievement as most women go early. 37/38 weeks is classed as full term for twin pregnancies. So I was determined to achieve this and I was also determined to make sure my babies were over 5 pounds to try to give them the best start in life. ( What I know now is it really doesn’t matter if they were born earlier or lighter then this coz they would have been fine, especially with a little medical assistance) But I was obsessed with not having premature twins. I do believe now, that this was quite an unrealistic goal for me to set myself…coz how could I have any control over when these bambinoes would want to make their appearance and how can I have control over what food or how much goes in via my two placentas. But I certainly stuffed my face, with a partly nutritious and protein based diet together with a high calorie chocolate based diet, in order to achieve their goal weights. In the end I got to 38 weeks hurrah! And they weighed 6.5 ½ lbs and 6.6lbs. (whoppers)  I was delighted to have achieved my goals… and happy for the twins coz they were so healthy…. but what I learnt is it didn’t matter if I hadn’t. One thing with twins… are things never go to plan… so it’s healthy to have goals… but don’t be too upset or stressed if things don’t go your way as ultimately you have no control over anything.