I ignored the books, I ignored people with one child and their advice, I ignored the health visitor advice because all the advice just doesn’t work with twins. It is a completely different ball game.

I knew nothing about babies before and still don’t even now. But what I do know is MY twins. I know what is best for them and what works. I took bits of advice and figured it out for myself. I tried to read what my twins wanted and eventually I was able to work it out.

I found that my babies’ needs were simple. They needed feeding, winding, opportunities to sleep, changing and the occasional bath. I just had to work out which one it was.

I didn’t have any routine for the first few weeks, I followed their needs and eventually they got themselves into a routine. For example the feeds started to stretch so it went from every 2 hours to every 3 then every 4 gradually. Then the naps started to grow in length so they were sleeping at the same time for the same length of time. It does feel impossible at first. I wrote all the times of the feeds and naps down so I could see the small improvements.  This helped my anxiety and helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. It helped me feel that I was in control.

The only thing we did to help, was to do everything at the same time. So we fed at the same time and put them down to sleep at the same time. If one twin woke for a feed, we would wake the other. Sounds cruel but it was imperative for us otherwise we would just be constantly feeding and get absolutely no sleep.

This is what worked for me and my twins, again, it might be different for yours. So just try different things and find your own way.