I watched frozen whilst I was pregnant and that song became my pregnancy anthem. I am such a  control freak by nature and a bit of clean freak. So when you are stuck on the couch for several months, unable to clean, you obsessively stare at the pockets of blue fluff building up around your skirting boards on your laminate floor. It is sooooo frustrating being off work and not being able to do anything. I found the twin pregnancy so physically disabling I couldn’t move much. So I couldn’t clean and didn’t have much control over anything. It was a good lesson in life…to just ….let it go…!!!!!! It is harder than you think particularly when you suddenly get the urge to nest. So do it all now before you get too big, get your fella or relative to do it for you, hire a cleaner if it makes you feel better and you can afford it or…….yes you’ve guessed it…..LET IT GO!!!!!! #letitgo