Haha I’m talking about sex of the babies you dirty mare! So you find out your having twins…..and my first thought, well one of them is ohmygod we should find out the sex of the twins….because we are going to need to plan everything … and buy so much stuff…and change everything about our house..our car….arrrrrhhhhhh!!!!!

Up until that moment I was adamant that I wouldn’t find out the gender as it’s just more fun. But it is a personal choice of the parents. After the news sunk in and I really thought about it…I came to the conclusion that the only real reason why I would need to know is for…. colour schemes. In my opinion colour schemes just aren’t that big of a deal. It’s so much fun guessing and to have one last surprise….or two…. after the end of an incredible journey is just fabulous! (and if you are wondering about sex when you’re pregnant with twins….just think of a Jack Russell humping an Alsatian! But I applaud anyone whose willing to try. #sexornosex