When your keith cheggars with twins, people can react differently to you. It’s very amusing telling people you are having twins. Their reaction compared to telling people your  ‘just’ pregnant is completely different. People tend to be surprised, thrilled even and completely fascinated about how you are going to manage and cope. (cheers….I haven’t a clue either!) They tend to say ’wow’ a lot and laugh hysterically in your face. Then comes all the questions….are there twins in your family..? are they natural…? (wtf?!) but generally people are very happy and excited for you (and probably a little sympathetic) But I did find my popularity increasing everywhere I went. Whether it was in work, on the train, in parties (before I got too big), basically anytime anyone found out I was having twins I was treated differently ..I got free food, free train rides, free goodies. I felt like I was famous and the twins were getting sooo much attention and they weren’t even here yet. It was fab and it just fuelled my excitement of what was to come. People were so lovely to me and went out of their way to make me comfortable and keep me company #celebritystatus.