I think being pregnant with twins is like a test of endurance. In the beginning I was full of energy and enthusiasm. I could still do things like housework and go out with friends. But as I entered the third trimester I was in so much pain and discomfort I was quite miserable at times. I do feel grateful for having a healthy pregnancy as I was never admitted into hospital and didn’t suffer any pregnancy related illnesses or complications so I do feel lucky that my pregnancy went so well. However….. my god it was hard. I was in pain most days and the less mobile I became the more things started to hurt. My back, neck and shoulders were hurting from the weight of my tummy and the strain of sitting in same position (generally couch potatoe) all day. My legs and feet were so swollen and the skin was so tight and stretched I was aware of them all the time ..just hurting. My poor skin on my tummy was so taught and stretched.  I got so big so quickly my skin had no time to grow with my body so my skin literally felt like it was splitting. My stretch marks were so itchy and sore. My ribs and insides felt so squashed and compact I just felt like I was slowly suffocating. It hurt to move or change position and it hurt to stay still. It just hurt. And that’s just the physical side.

The mental stamina it takes to endure pain and discomfort every waking moment was the worse for me. Some days I’d be more positive than others but being in pain all the time just sucks. You can’t help but feel down. I was also quite isolated. In the last two months I just sat on the couch, alone, day in and day out, just incubating the babies…like a chicken ..just … sitting …on her eggs. I was so lonely. People came to see me when they weren’t in work but most of the time I was alone. I was mostly too knackered to do anything anyway but it was a long, hard and painful slog uphill with 5 stone on your back. It dragged. I cried a lot. I moaned a lot. But hey I’m making two babies here! Anything else is multi-tasking! #testofendurance.