After nearly two years of not having to deal with vomit from either of my twins (high five to that) I experienced my first sickness bug the other day. (Horrific!)

Words cannot describe the absolute carnage caused when you have two babies puking … the same time……! I’m sure I can still smell sick whilst writing this blog. (Eek!)

So I wake up to the joyful sound of two babies screaming, as per usual, and find the boy twin has puked in his cot. It is everywhere! So I strip him off and leave the sick covered sheets, to be dealt with later, as I still have to get the other screaming baby out of her cot and get them both downstairs. At this point I thought nothing of it and gave them both their morning milk and bananas as usual. (Oooops!) 20 mins later the girl twin, who is sitting on my lap, projectile vomits across the room, all over me and her and the carpet. (Fit!) So I carry her straight into the kitchen as she is still being sick. Then, I hear the other twin being sick. So I go to dash back into the living room and skid on the sick and go flying on my arse. (Just brilliant!)

I grab the boy twin who is puking up watery sick and bring him into the kitchen where both twins are covered in sick, I’m covered in what can only be described as cottage cheese with bananas in and am powerless to stop the constant supply of sick which is being thrown up violently by both babies…… did I mention this was at the same time? (Arrrhhhhh!)

So far we have sick upstairs, sick in two places in the living room, and now sick all over the kitchen. (Joy)

It was at this point where I thought it would be a good idea to call for help. (Cue SOS super nana!)

Now as if this wasn’t hard enough…. I had to then try to scoop 3 different piles of sick up with kitchen towel and deal with two screaming babies …in my underwear, as I was literally covered.

After a wet wipe wash and a change of clothes all round, I got into a routine of running straight into kitchen whenever they looked like they were going to be sick.  Then I decided to put one of them to bed so I could care for the other one until the nana arrived. I put the girl twin up there but literally after 10 mins I could hear her screaming. So I ran upstairs and she had projectile vomited all over her cot and all over the floor. Wow I was impressed how far the spread had gone it was like over 5 foot. What a shot!

Thankfully the nana arrived so we had one twin each. I gave her the quiet and lethargic twin whilst I tried to soothe the screaming twin. Unfortunately, the quiet twin proceeded to then puke up all over poor nana…. Twice!!! She was absolutely covered and I ended up having to lend her clothes to come home in, including underwear!!!!! (Oooops!)

Towards the end of the longest day of my life, there were a few more vom-boms and clothes changes but eventually they stopped being sick. I just couldn’t believe how much sick came out of them. Surely they had nothing in them towards the end of the day? They actually slept through that night, but I didn’t sleep as I was so worried they would be sick in their sleep so I was on edge and very restless despite being knackered myself.

I was quite impressed with my coping skills, I stayed calm, only said fuck a few times, and wasn’t sick myself even though the scene was absolutely disgusting. (Yey me!) I think when your little ones are so sick, you can’t afford to be stressed or panic, you just have to get on with it. I was so focused on them I didn’t even mind being covered in sick, I couldn’t even smell the vom-boms after a while.