Since I’ve had twins I’m like soooo rock and roll. I’ve gone from dancing my arse off till 4am in a local gay club every Saturday night….. to thinking my weekly shop to Aldi is the highlight of my week. Party on. No seriously I loooooovvvvvvvveeeee my once-a-week trip to Aldi because it is an excuse to get out the house and have a break from my twins. Yes I love them and yes I love being a mother to twins and bla bla bla but when you are with them 247 and you are stuck in the house….. any excuse to get out…. is a luxury. I love just taking my time to wander down the aisle, picking what delicious food I can stuff my face with for the next 7 days. I love just switching off from mother hood for 45 mins and thinking about something else. It’s like me time, a break, a chance to think about something else. I quite often smile at the other mums who have brought their toddler to Aldi, who is usually crying through boredom, and smile snuggly at the fact that I am child free. God bless the nana who looks after my twins so I can shop. You can never truly understand the joy it brings to just get out of the house for an hour and do something else. And god bless Aldi…whose nappies are so cheap it also makes having twins almost affordable.