This may seem a little weird reading this title coz surely it’s not that hard? Well it is. The first time you try to leave the house, on your own, when you have twins takes about an hour! My twins were born in winter so I had to wrap them all up with hats, gloves, snowsuits and blankets. It took ages! It does get better and you will get more organised. But my pram was packed with things ‘I might need’ whilst I walked round the block (I didn’t need them of course-but it felt like a security measure) So you say to yourself all day ‘..when I get a window of more than half an hour.. when I’m not feeding, burping or changing I’ll go out then ….’

Then suddenly, you realise its 3pm and it gets dark at 4 and you only have 40 minutes before the next feeds done so you decide it’s now or never! I almost guarantee something will go wrong like one of the twins will have another poo just as you get the snow suit on…or the other will be sick on the snowsuit and will need changing…or you’ll suddenly need a poo (it’s so inconvenient needing the toilet when you have twins)…or you won’t be able to find your house keys coz of course you haven’t used them in 4 weeks. Arrrhhhhhh!!!! Its nearly dark!!!!! Stress!!!!!!

So you  faff about trying to get everything ready, your sweating coz you have your winter coat on and you’ve been up and down the stairs 5 times forgetting stuff (mummybrain) and your ready to exit your house.

Next hurdle is getting that massive double buggy packed with baby stuff out your front door. (please god let it fit) and then you are outside.( Ahhhhhh… brilliant… I made it out the front door before dark.) Then you suddenly realise you have not been out the house in weeks and it feels amazing. But you check your watch …..shit…I’ve only got 30 minutes to get back before the next feeds due so I best get walking.