What I ate when pregnant with twins

A varied diet is always recommended so equal amounts of healthy foods and chocolate should be fine. Ha! I took nutrition very seriously during my twin pregnancy (at one point all I could do was eat coz I couldn’t move much and I was so bored) At some point you will feel more hungry, even at night so eating regularly maybe every 2 hours will keep your hunger pangs at bay and also your blood sugar. You’ll be dizzy before you feel hungry so it’s important to snack regularly. Eventually you’ll be soooooo big your stomach will feel tiny so you won’t be able to eat large portions anyway.

Food types to eat

All protein based foods such as eggs, fish, meat, beans, etc are essential when making two babies. I practically ate a weight lifters diet to ensure I was eating enough protein. I also drank gallons of milk. It was something I actually craved. I used to make blended Banana and blueberry milkshakes with 3 bananas was a daily mid morning snack and a pint of milk with every meal. I couldn’t drink enough of it. You need quite a few extra calories to ensure you and the babies are getting enough so fill your boots! I also had daily portions of homemade soups with a combination of root veggies and green veggies, lentils and beans to make sure I was getting enough vitamins. I also took two pregnancy care multi-vitamins, daily, together with double folic acid tablets.


I also had sweets, chocolate, icecream, cakes, sweet pastries every day (my poor teeth) which midwives don’t recommend but sod it… I’m having twins…I can’t drink…so I’m gonna eat sweets ok!

But what I would do is have several pieces of fruit before I stuffed myself with chocolate as a compromise so at least I was getting some goodness to cancel out the naughtiness.


I drank tons of water and herbal tea and watched my caffeine intake. I was a coffee addict pre-pregnancy so used to have one cup of real coffee a day and drink redbush and peppermint for the rest of the day. Once I got over the coffee withdrawal headache (which took 3 painful days) I actually felt better for not having any coffee and didn’t miss it. I drank decaf coffee if I felt the need.


I didn’t have a sip of alcohol and didn’t miss it. Anyone who knows me knows I like my vino and drink regularly. I always thought I would have a glass or two when I got pregnant coz my mum did and I turned out fine but once I was actually pregnant, I suddenly became totally against it. But that’s a personal choice. I can feel tipsy off one glass of red wine and I figured my babies will too if they get everything I eat. I didn’t want to intake any drug which may even slightly harm my two babies (apart from my coffee and obscene sugar intake of course). Maybe I would have felt differently if I’d just had one inside me…but with two…I felt a greater sense of protection.


Anything with fat in, or sugar …or both. I used to eat croissants and breosh all the time coz they are a sweet bread, stodgy and soaked up some of the heart burn when swallowed down with milk. Anything with high calories was shovelled into my face before I could think how big my arse would look after this pregnancy was over. Milk, meat, bananas… they were main things I craved. Nothing too krasy.  #whatIatewhenpregnantwithtwins


I am not a dietary expert or don’t claim to be so please take this advice with a pinch of salt. I also wont judge you if you fancy a cider in the summer either. These are just my honest opinions and we all have a right to our own opinion.