Everyone’s experience is different and I’ve heard both good and bad experience of csections but then, the same goes for vaginal births. So I was originally booked in for a csection but ended up going into labour at 1am on the loo whilst having my usually late night tiddle (and midnight munch on a piece of breosh to try and curb the heartburn) My waters broke mid wee and it took a second to realise I’d stopped weeing and the water was still coming out. (how convenient that there was no mess…excellent) So once I had established that this downpour (there was a long gush) was no longer wee wee and I saw a bit of blood….I shouted for my partner.  I did hear a pop too which I imagined was my waters breaking. It didn’t hurt but just felt weird.

Oh and my mucas plug had fell out in one massive piece weeks ago, so if that happens to you it doesn’t mean you are in immanent labour.

So off we went to the hospital, sitting on a towel with no knickers on and drove the 30 minute journey, feeling very calm and excited. Towards the end of the car journey I started to feel period pain type cramps which came and went and by the time I was in hospital they were quite strong, enough to make you hold your breathe until they were over. I suddenly needed a number two when I got into hospital. So my partner wheeled me into a toilet where I had tons of diarhorrea. (Mmm fit)

I had previously read about going for poos just before labour. However during my poo I had a huge contraction. Man it hurt and I cried out. The midwife was banging at the door to come in and I was like noooooo! Don’t come in it stinks in here!

So anyways I was put on a monitor for the twins’ heart rate and examined by a number of midwives and doctors. I was only 3 cms so it was agreed that I should be taken to theatre immediately for a csection. I was so happy. The original csection was booked in for two days time and I was so happy that my body had chosen to go into labour as it meant to me that my babies were ready to be born.

I was shaking from the adrenalin but I felt very calm and safe and I felt in good hands. My partner waited outside the room whilst I was given the epidural. This didn’t hurt at all. At the time I wasn’t even thinking about how nervous I had been about having a needle in my spin. I was so distracted by what was going on in the room (there were about 10 professionals in the room standing round waiting to do their bit) I didn’t even flinch. Its weird you spend your whole pregnancy worrying about this bit and at the time it’s kind of surreal and ok.

I got emotional when I looked over the room and saw two identical incubators lined up, empty, waiting to care for my babies. Shit!!!!!!!!!!! I’m having twins!!!!!!!

My partner came into the room and I was lying there listening. It must have only been 5 minutes when Twin a was born… a girl (yes!!!!! always wanted a girl) and then 3 minutes later …a boy…(yes I’ve always wanted a boy)  It seemed like only seconds from when they were born to when they were held up to my face.  They were swaddled tightly in blankets (which I later stole) with their tiny pink faces and big eyes blinking at me. It was magical. Tears rolled across my face and I just stared at them, overwhelmed, not quite taking it all in.  My babies.

I must have been about 30 minutes later (felt like 5) when the three of us were wheeled into the recovery room and I was sat up and made comfortable. The fact I couldn’t move didn’t even bother me as I was just transfixed at the two humans I just made. The nurse said ‘do you want to do skin on skin?’ I was like ‘already? Yes ..!’ so out came the boobies and both babies were placed on me. Twin a made a beeline for a nipple and started suckling. Ohmygod I cant believe this was actually happening and I was able to try to breastfeed so soon after birth. It felt amazing. No milk came out but it didn’t matter, all was perfect.

I didn’t feel any pain, I hardly noticed my legs couldn’t move and I was so happy that they were both healthy. The drugs were great. I was put on IV morphine which I could press to self administer when I needed and I drank tons of water coz I had this unbelievable feeling of thirst. I didn’t go to sleep until the next night and I wasn’t even tired. It was a complete natural high.

Words I would use to describe having a csection are calm, stress free, safe, organised, relaxed and painless. Of course, I would have preferred to have the experience of a vaginal birth but for me, it was the safest way to have my babies. It was amazing.