So when you’re pregnant with twins and starving at 3am …what do you do? Well I used to have a stash of breosh bread in the loo to munch on, whilst having my third wee of the night, to curb the hunger pangs. Quite often washed down with half a bottle of gaviscon to help settle the unforgiving  heartburn that plagued me for most of my pregnancy. Seriously the heart burn was relentless and I spent most of the night trying to sleep sitting up to stop the burning hot sick regurgitating up into my mouth with every breath. It was horrendous. I did have the breosh by my bed at one point but my partner complained that it was like listening to a giant squirrel munching on cornflakes in the darkness of the night which was highly irritating so I was forced to take my midnight munchies to the loo where I could nibble, swallow and swig (with the occasional fart)  as loud as I wanted. #midnightmunchies