Having twins is just amazing. The love you have for each baby is 100%. Your love is not divided into two, it’s like two whole separate chunks of love. You are completely capable of loving them equally as if you have two separate hearts for each baby. It’s overwhelming. The bond you have between you and your babies is incredible…and it grows every day! You are filled up with so much love it is intoxicating. Everything you thought was important…work, opinions, silly arguements with your loved ones… just fall into insignificance. The babies become your absolute world and you won’t want it any other way. When they start smiling and recognising you its just amazing. A child can bring you so much joy and you will have two. Two smiling faces looking at you …loving you back.

As they develop and meet their milestones like sitting up and walking..you have two special moments for each baby, for example, when they do things for the first time. My twins walked within a few days of each other and it was just the best week filled with shrieks of delight.  I get double hugs and double love from them. It’s just amazing. They are so cute too. Every now and then they play with each other (they are only 18 months when I wrote this one) and they hug each other. It is the cutest thing when they interact with each other. Just them sitting next to each other looking all cute is enough to melt a strangers heart.

It moments like this that you feel so lucky you have twins. Rare moments that only people with twins get to experience. It is magical.