Why is it that whenever the health visitor comes to visit, you always make silly bad mummy mistakes such as ……nearly dropping your baby!?

So we usually change our twins on the dining room table which has quite a drop if a baby was to ever to roll off it. (But of course, we take extra care to not let this happen, plus, when they are newborn they can’t roll over so tend to stay in the same place.)  One time, when they were newborns, our lovely health visitor came to check we were all ok and I was all flustered and trying to change a bum on the changing table. I was talking and changing at the same time when my partner offered to finish the nappy so I could sit down and chat. So I simply walked away from the baby, who was left on the edge of the table, with not a care in the world and sat down ready to finish my conversation. I hadn’t even realised what I’d done until I saw the health visitor leap from her seat and run across the room to come and stand by my baby to make sure it didn’t fall off the edge. I knew then that I’d been careless and stupid and felt so ashamed and couldn’t believe I just …walked away. I was so distracted that I just didn’t think. The baby didn’t fall but he could have. So stupid but an honest mistake. So now I feel really paranoid whenever the health visitor comes that she thinks I’m a terrible mum and I get all flustered and conscious of everything I do when she’s around. Silly I know but I can’t help it. Thankfully I’ve never dropped either baby, neither have they rolled off anything, which I think is good going when there are two …..phew! #dontdropthebaby!