Coffee, paracetemol and wine. These 3 legal drugs are a lifesaver to a twin mum…oh and copious amounts of cake. I usually start the day with a triple spoon of coffee and a plop of milk (yes that is 3 spoons full!). I can’t really function properly until I have necked my cup of mud. It’s so strong it’s starting to stain my teeth! But it really works in kick starting your day. I used to have a double spoon but like with any drug you build a tolerance so I’m up to 3 spoon full of coffee!! Then about 11 am I sometimes have my recreational intake of paracetemol to curb the headache from being so tired and ease all the aches and pains I have from carrying twins, usually swallowed down with another triple coffee. Then at exactly 7pm, just as the twins have gone to bed, I have my daily dose of wine. Gosh I crave this moment when I can have a glass of wine on an empty stomach and feel the days stress just dissipate as it makes my head feel light. Then I usually have my tea and that usually soaks up the tipsy feeling. Then I go to bed with all my fingers and toes crossed that my cherubs will let me sleep. When I have really bad days or no sleep the night before I find these 3 little gems are essential in helping me cope with life when you have twins…and not necessarily taken in that order 😉