I don’t really remember that much about the first 4 months with my twins. I know I didn’t get much sleep and I didn’t leave the house much. Time really stood still for me. I was so tired I was like a zombie and could only manage the basic functions such as caring for my twins and myself. Housework, other people, the news…basically the outside world just ceased to exist for me really. I was just so focused on caring for the twins, learning on the job and trying to catch some sleep every now and then. It was an unusual time. I can’t say whether it was good or bad. I was just a zombie and felt numb. I call it the twincoma because of the lack of sleep. It wasn’t as romantic as I’d hoped it would be. I thought I’d be going to baby groups, going for coffee with my friends and their babies, I thought I’d be out and about showing my twins off. But nope…I was in a twincoma.  It sounds negative when I read this back but what I can tell you… is this feeling does pass and you will get out and about with your twins. I go out every day now on my own. I’m much more organised but it does take time. Once you start to get some more sleep you will feel better about everything.