The definition of a stupid question is when you have a boy and girl set of twins and they are dressed in blue and pink and some random stranger in the street asks if they are identical. I pause and wonder if they are seeing what I am seeing coz surely the colours would give it away.  But no I have to explain that the blue one is the boy and the pink one is the girl. But the real stupid question is when they then ask how I tell them apart…….err … is a boy and one is a girl. Then the really, really stupid question is when they ask if a boy and girl can be identical…errr…no….because one has a set of balls! #thedefinitionofastupidquestion

P.S I’ve also had a doctor say this to me, a real life doctor, who should really know better coz you would hope they passed biology. But then… to my horror …revealed that they were in fact….a twin themselves…!!!!!!! (wdf)