So… ever wondered what happens when you wake up on a normal day when you have twins?

Ok well let me tell ya…So I wake up… my first thought is – ‘I really have to go bed early tonight’ (I go to bed at 8.30pm) and all I hear is both twins absolutely screaming the house down. Now I don’t mean a little cry to tell me it’s time to wake up…I mean a full on blood curdling scream. So the first thing ya need to do in the morning is put ya socks on, find ya slippers and have a wee. So I sit there relieving myself shouting reassurances from the loo that ‘Mummy’s coming!’

So I go into one twin’s room and pick them up… their face wet from tears, and settle them down whilst they cling on to me for dear life. I carefully take that one down the stairs and place other side of stair gate (whilst the other twin is still screaming hysterically with the fact I still haven’t come to them yet). The first twin is then left at bottom of the stairs and then starts their equally hysterical screams over the fact I am abandoning them and on my way back upstairs to get the other screaming twin.

So I bring that one down and carry into kitchen the other one trailing behind… arms in air …screaming to be picked up. I go into kitchen, one twin on my leg, the other on my hip… whilst I try with one hand to get milk out of fridge, pour into bottle, screw top on and heat in microwave ( all whilst the twins are still screaming in my face).  And then….. the rare sound of ….silence… as twins drink their milk whilst balanced on each knee. And all I can hear is the faint sound of ringing in my ear whilst they gratefully gulp down the amber nectar that is full fat milk. This is my morning. Every morning. I wake up to a screaming hell and this is all before I have a sip of coffee.