Why is it that your twins wake up at 5 am everyday but when they sleep at nana’s house they sleep-in till 8? Why…? It is nana magic.

I swear my twins behave better for the nanas then when they are with me. There doesn’t seem to be any fighting, winge-ing or crying from either twin when nana is around. I feel like a fraud some days because I often complain how difficult the twins have been… then a nana comes round and they are like little cherubs. Grrrr! They make me out to be a liar. Ha!

Boxing day for example, both twins slept in till 8 am..both of them…..at the same time….. they have never slept in individually till 8am….. never mind both of them at the same time!!!!! Why …? They slept at nanas house! #Nanamagic