The twin mums I have met are just truly amazing women. When you have twins you instantly join an exclusive sisterhood of fantastic women who are doing one of the hardest jobs on earth. Whether they have family to support them or not we are the main care givers and have to make all the day to day decisions on how to raise our twins alone. Twins don’t come with a handbook so you literally have to learn on the job so to have other twin mums to ask advice, seek reassurances and learn from is essential. I found it handy to compare what other twin mums did with their twins at every step as I really didn’t have a clue whether what I was doing was right or not. They also are the only people who truly understand what it is like to raise twins and how hard it can be. Twin mums have the most empathy. I also joined facebook pages for multiple births and chatted/messaged other twin mums for advice and reassurance. Raising twins is different to raising one baby at a time and the best people to ask advice from are other twin mums!

I’ve met so many different twin mums and they are all individually amazing people. They have helped me so much and I respect and love them dearly. You know who you are xx