So in every set of twins there will always be a ninjatwin. This is the twin which will only want to climb on every surface, every chair, every step …and then… fall off! For me it is the boytwin (tad stereotypical) I swear every time I look away he is on the table, on the couch, balancing on a toy. He is such a ninja. One time I was at the changing station changing the girltwin and ninja twin was running round squealing, as he does, one minute he was running along the couch and the next he was balancing off the arm of the couch reaching for a cup of hot coffee on the fireplace! Arrrrrrrhhhhhh! At this age they have selective hearing so no amount of shouting deterred him. So he leaps off couch and hangs momentarily off the fireplace surface and slips and falls and bangs head. (ffs!) So I’m the other side of the room currently in the middle of changing a poo-ey nappy, helpless, and he is screaming in a heap at the bottom of the fireplace, hot tea wobbling over his head. Will he ever learn…. nope! That chair has now been moved and we no longer keep hot drinks on fireplace mantel. #ninjatwin