So when you have twins and you bath them every night….the laws of averages says that you will have at least one code brown situation in your lifetime. This is when one twin has a poo in the bath. (joy)

So you’re sitting there all happy whilst watching your twins being all cute and funny in the bath when suddenly one of them stares into space…. then frowns… then holds their breath…. and then goes red….this can only mean one thing…. A……POOOOOOOOOO! (shit)

So out comes this impressively large dark brown ufo (unidentified floating object) and starts to rise to the surface underneath the bubbles. It looks like a scary submarine bobbing up and down. (arrrrhhhhh)

Ok so don’t panic they haven’t noticed it yet, just get them out quietly and all will be ok. But then …….it starts to break up into a thousand pieces and ………twin b has spotted it and starts to splash and squeal with delight over a new bath toy …(ffs) the bath water starts changing colour like someone’s dropped a teabag in it and bits of poo shrapnel is starting to stick to the sides of the bath and each twins leg. So I start to panic. (help….!!!!!)

So I quickly grab each twin and place them on the bathroom floor wet, cold and startled. Whilst I frantically try to scoop poo particles out of the bath. The twins are screaming now with their arms raised, crying to go back in or have a hug. Im kneeling with my back to them showering down each toy and the two bath mats which just have poo all over them. (fit) So I disinfect everything in the bath, shower it down one last time and fill the bath up again. It takes a good 10 mins to clear the debris whilst the twins are still screaming covered in bits of cold pooflakes on the floor. So back in the bath we go to start the cleaning process again. #codebrown