So we finally make the brave decision to take our 16 month old twins on holiday. I spent the month before planning, packing and organising every meal, outfit and essential twin kit so that we would not be caught short when on holiday. It was a stressful time planning everything, then packing what felt like everything in our living room into our baby wagon which just was not big enough. I literally lost sleep worrying. Did I mention the holiday resort was 40 minutes away from our house? Ha! So in the grand scheme of things all the worrying didn’t matter coz we could have come home in less than an hour if we had forgotten something (like a baby)

However… the first day I noticed the boy twin’s eyes looking red and the girl twin was a bit sniffely. (Thought it just another cold)  I had a sore throat myself and my partner was a bit poorly but the excitement of the trip distracted us. By the afternoon,  all four of us had full on colds. My partner and the twins were coughing their heads off and I had a raging sore throat. The boy twin’s eye  was red and swollen and had bright green snot all over their eye lid. After a standard picture text to super nana and my other twin mummy friends, they were all in agreement that it looked like a case of conjunctivitis. (Joy) I washed his eye in boiled water and hoped for the best. By the second day both of his eyes had the green snot and one of the girl twin’s eyes  also had bright green snot in them.

So at this point we went straight to the chemist who confirmed it was a double case of conjunctivitis. (Double joy) My partner and I were feeling really ill at this point and the twins were so unwell and grumpy. It was raining and cold so we nearly came home.

We couldn’t go swimming and decided to avoid all the children themed events on campus as we didn’t want any other poor loves catching it. I was so disappointed. We never take the twins swimming coz it is a logistical nightmare and just too much hard work so I was determined to make full use of the amazing swimming pool on campus and get them loving the water every day. I was also looking forwards to taking the twins to the toddler classes and tiring them out but we just had to stay in our cottage all week and apply eye drops to the twins every 2 hours which was like torture.

So apart from the colds, cough and conjunctivitis…oh and crap weather and cabin fever we had a great time!