So when your are managing two babies needs at the same time it can be a nightmare when one twin or baby decides to have a clingy day. It generally always seems to be the boy twin with me. He actually clings off my neck for the entire day. I can’t even go the loo without his monkey grip choking me. These days come and go. They are more common when he’s unwell or tired. Around the age of 7 months it was horrendous. I think he had separation anxiety because I couldn’t even sit him on my knee as he didn’t want to be physically apart from me. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t eat, get a drink never mind trying to attempt to wash the bottles. He would absolutely scream his head off if I tried. But you have another baby with exactly the same needs to contend with so at times you just have to let him scream. So there I am changing the girl twin nappy and he is by my knees screaming with his arms raised begging to be picked up. This upsets the girl twin so then they are both just screaming.

All you can do is zone it out and try not to snap or cry yourself. I just try to change the nappy as  quickly as possible. But man it is hard. I often have to lie on the floor and let them both cling to me all day when they are both clingy. Forget trying to make the tea or tidy up on those days. Forget making yourself a coffee you just have write the day off and hope tomorrow is better. (it usually is)

At times though you do feel suffocated and you feel you can’t win. The other not-so-clingy twin will eventually tire of getting no attention and will start crying too, especially if they see that it works for their sibling. But what can you do? Sometimes it’s just a bit shit.

I find it emotionally draining listening to babies cry all day. Some days if it’s not one it’s the other. Sometimes I even cry myself. Those are the days when help would be amazing. They would soon snap out of their mood if someone else was there. Also getting out the house tends to distract a clingy twin. So if you have the energy, take them for a walk or a drive. Just get you all out of your living room and try and change the energy.

Again the clingy twin days do not last forever, one day they will just snap out of it and you’ll get your personal space back (for a short while ha!) but never be afraid to ask for help and know it won’t always be like this.