So when you have two babies at once the odds of both of them sleeping past 7am are fairly scarce! There will always be one 18 month old who is an early riser whilst their twin blissfully sleeps in. Then they will swap. So mum and dad in fact never get a lie in. It sucks. And when the clocks go back or forwards it seems to make it worse! It’ll feel like jetlag but without the fabulous trip to New York. I actually felt robbed when the rest of the world was getting ‘an extra hour in bed’ and my two were awake at 4.50am.

So we have tried everything to make them sleep in past 5am. Black out curtains, black out blinds, earlier naps, no naps, later bedtime…. nothing works. They wake up whenever the hell they feel like it and scream the house down. They mainly wake each other up but every now and then, one twin will sleep in and to be honest it messes up the daily routine. You end up feeding them all their meals at different times and then they will nap at different times so you always have an awake baby …all day. No break. (Joy). Plus your are still getting up at the crack of dawn anyway so you might as well get them both up.

Then all of a sudden…it’ll change they will both suddenly sleep till 7 and you will think this is amazeballs. A lie in. Till 7. Wow. It’s what dreams are made of. Ha! I find there are peaks and troughs with sleep patterns. So hang in there. Nothing stays the same when you have twins. It’s always changing.