Wow this was intense. It caught me off guard. I’d read beforehand that you can get baby blues a few days after you give birth but I hadn’t appreciated it fully until I experienced it. It was about day 4 or 5, just as my milk came in and bam I was in bits. I cried all day. I just remember sitting on the couch with my boobs out, waiting for the midwife to come and help me breastfeed and I was just wailing. My partner was running around after the twins and trying to help but I was just uncontrollably crying. I was a complete mess. I hadn’t washed or brushed my teeth or hair nothing. I just couldn’t stop crying. Even the arrival of the midwife didn’t stop it and I just couldn’t snap myself out of it. Apparently this was normal and it had passed by the next day.
I still don’t know why I was crying…hormones…sleep deprivation…being overwhelmed…recovery from the birth…recovery from the operation…trying to cope with two babies…frustration that I couldn’t breast feed…tiredness…hormones…all the above?!

It’s bleak but it does pass.

Just let it all out and embrace your emotions.

But if it carries on for more than a few days tell your midwife.