So when you have twins that are on the move and your changing a particularly dirty nappy…what is your worst nightmare?….yes…….a poo fight!

So I’m changing one twin on the table who has done a monster poo,  it absolutely everywhere – clothes….back….legs….socks….it’s now on me, on the mat…arrrrhhhh total poo carnage. I have gone through half a bag of wipes to try to clean up some of the mess and the table is quickly filling up with shitty tissues. This twin has now got bored of the length of time its taking me to clean up and is now thrashing about, kicking their legs and booting all the shitty tissues off the table. The other twin, who is hovering around for company, decides to pick up the shitty tissues from floor and run away with them (arrrrrhhhhhh) this twin starts shaking the tissues about like pom poms and poo pieces are spraying out of the tissue all over the floor. (just …brilliant) I’m trying to restrain the first twin from falling off the table and kicking me in the stomach whilst gradually spreading more poo everywhere. The other twin is now picking up the poo pieces from floor and inspecting them by putting them in their mouth. (Nooooooooo!!!)  The original twin is screaming from being restrained and kicks the shitty nappy off table and it goes flying across the room which is then followed by pooface twin who is now interested in the shitty nappy!!!!! Arrrhhhhhh help!!!!!!!! I manage to distract that twin by chucking a toy at their feet and kicking the nappy under the table out of reach. I quickly clean up what I can of poo carnage twin, place them on the floor whilst I wash pooface twin’s mouth out  and then spend my afternoon crawling round picking up bits of poo before they both can eat them. (my god this is shit) #poofight.