For me, twin club has and still is a lifeline. If you have twins I cannot recommend enough attending a local play group for multiple births. It is full of like-minded mums who totally understand what you are going through.  I found twin groups preferable to the normal play groups designed for one baby as I was more comfortable amongst other twin mums coz they were the ones who got it fully. It is lovely to see other twins playing with each other too whilst you compare birth and pregnancy stories with the mums.  If the groups are anything like my one, the mums sit round and drink coffee whilst the twins play in the nursery, so it’s really a group for the mums than the children. At one point the only time I was leaving the house alone was to go to twin club. I remember the first time I got the twins ready by myself, got them in the car and drove to a children’s centre I’d never been to before. I was so nervous I nearly burst into tears when I walked into the room but I was so proud I’d made it. Thereafter, I made sure I went every week no matter how tired I was because it was so good for me socially, mentally and emotionally. It really did help keep me sane. A total life line.

Tamba advertise local twin groups but if you ask at your local children’s centres, they should have the details. If there are not any local ones in your area then start your own one! That’s what I did. I now attend two a week, one which runs itself and the other that I have started myself. I hire the room for free in a local children’s centre and they advertise it for me.