There is lots of medication that it is really useful to have handy in your baby box –


  • Vasoline as a barrier for their skin (from wee and poo )to put on all over bum every nappy change.
  • Sudacrem to apply to redness particularly in anus after poos, then apply vasoline everywhere else
  • Infacol to give before they have milk to help with wind
  • Gripe water from chemist to help with wind
  • Metanium to apply to bums for bad nappy rashes (may have a minimum age limit so seek advice first)
  • Olive oil (literally the stuff you cook with) to apply to scalp for cradle cap also be used as a body and face moisturiser instead of baby bath products which has chemicals in.
  • Cotton wool and boiled water box to clean bums with for first 6 weeks as wipes too harsh on skin
  • Ear monitor to take temperature with spare batteries
  • When the babies get older, it is always good to have calpol and baby ibrufen for teething and brining temperatures down.
  • Syringes to dispense liquids into mouth
  • Earbuds to clean eyes and ears


All these things can be provided for free via prescription or through care of the chemist.