So if you are wondering how best to help your friend who has twins here is a little heads up;

  1. Offer to take twins out of house in the pram is probably a good start. I crave to just sit in my living room without the twins. Even when they nap I’m listening out for them. Just a bit of time alone will do her the world of good.
  2. Offer her an opportunity to have a bath for half an hour rather than a 5 minute shower whilst you watch the twins. Some time to prune oneself is most appreciated.
  3. Offer to feed twins whilst she drinks a hot cup of coffee.
  4. Do her dishes and wash her bottles – even if she says not to, do it anyway.
  5. Presents for the twins? Just bring a bag of nappies, wipes or box of formula, she will never have enough.
  6. Presents for mummy? Chocolate/cake/wine/flowers…standard.
  7. Visit often, she will be trapped in the house most days getting cabin fever so any visits will be welcome even if you don’t do any of the above. Some adult chat and a new face for the twins to look at will be a pleasant change.
  8. Offer to pick up bits from shop on your way there as getting out for milk, bread and other essentials can be a huge task some days.
  9. Offer her an opportunity to have a snooze. She will probably say no but it is a nice gesture.
  10. Bring her lunch/tea to save her cooking. Something nutritious is preferable as she’ll be living off snacks and takeaways as there is no time to cook and she’ll be too knackered anyway.