2 baby bouncer chairs – I found one of the most useful things (when they eventually fitted) was a baby bouncer for them to sit in. They were supported to sit up in this more than a bumbo seat and we used it for everything, particularly feeding before we moved to highchairs. So when you were on your own you could sit on the floor and position yourself in between the chairs and hold the bottles for them. It means they can sit up and enjoy am upright view of the world, they can look at you at all times, watch the telly etc. They were so handy. They are light and portable so they came everywhere with us. Just get cheap ones. They didn’t like sitting in them at first but eventually loved it.

1 swing – this was a life saver when on your own with twins (and they are both crying) as you can hold one twin and then put the other twin in the swing to keep them occupied or help settle them. The swing is similar to a car seat so they are upright which swings and plays music and has interesting things to look at. The twins often fell asleep in it which was an added bonus. But also helped settle them if they were screaming their heads off. (phew) They do take up room in your living room though.

2 door bouncers – These were my absolute best buy. We just got basic cheap ones and omg did they do the job.  The twins absolutely loved bouncing in them which was excellent exercise for their legs and neck muscles. An added bonus was they were completely occupied for long periods of time so I could do the dishes, wash bottles, even watch telly and dare I say it….relax with a cuppa!

1 play mat and playgym – for them to lie on their backs and stare at the dangly bits, the floor is the safest place for them so if you need to run the loo or answer the front door. Mine used to nap their when I was visiting friends. I just placed them on floor and they would go to sleep whilst I ate my recently prepared lunch and had a gab.

Soft Toys? I hardly had any toys for their first few months as paper, packets of crisps and household objects completely fascinated them so any toys I had they hardly paid attention too. In these early months they don’t need toys in my opinion as the living room has plenty of safe and interesting things to explore. I did have soft toys like teddies with bright colours which made noises so they could hold them. So hold off spending money on expensive toys.

Normal sized changing bag – just because you have two babies doesn’t mean you two of everything in your changing bag. I had one tub of suacream and  vasoline, a few nappies, 1-2 change of clothes, plenty of bibs and muslin cloths, 2  spare dummies, 1 roll of tissue, 1 packet of wipes, 1 changing mat, 2 bottles of milk. That’s it. I now have a stylish handbag with basic things in. Both babies need the same thing so no need for a massive bag.

Double pram – one you can lift into your boot and can fit through your front door. You don’t need the most expensive one either.

2 car seats – a decent quality one with a reasonable price, don’t be persuaded by brands either. They are like trainers- they all do the same job but there can be massive price differences.

Larger teat size for your bottles (the whole which the milk comes out)- as they develop they can move up a teat size so they get more milk out faster. If they are taking an hour to drink their milk go up a size. Mine were on different teat sizes as one had a harder sucking ability then the other so was much faster at drinking.

2 cots, 2 sleepsuit/sleeping bg – Eventually they will outgrow their moses baskets so it will be time to put them in their cots with a sleepsuit/sleeping bag on rather than blankets. Always have spare bedding for when they are sick.