So I was fortunate that my partner was off work for a good few weeks to help out with the twins as it felt like a two person job. I was getting increasingly anxious as to how the hell I was going to manage looking after the twins, alone, when he went back to work. I hadn’t even mastered feeding them on my own. One night my partner let me go to bed for a few hours whilst he did the night shift downstairs. He was suppose to wake me before the next feed but decided to see if he could do it on his own to let me have more than 2 hours sleep. I woke up about 6 hours later feeling very confused to the time and realised that he had done two feeds on his own. He demonstrated how he arranged them on the L shaped pillow and fed them their milk at the same time. Wow I was impressed! Go daddy!!!! This motivated me somewhat as I thought well if he can do so can I… so he then went to bed for a few hours and I tried a feed on my own. With a bit of jiggling about I managed to get all 3 of us comfy. I placed the L shaped pillow on my lap so the v bit was around my tummy and the ends were either side of me and placed the twins so their heads were touching. I took it turns to burp one and then the other.

I felt so proud of myself and was all empowered and felt like I could do this on my own for the first time. It was a confidence boost.  From then on, my partner and I would take it in turns to do the night shift so we could get a chunk of sleep rather than both of us not sleeping.