Ok so I’m pregnant with twins…that’s like two whole babies….two sacs, two placentas, (my twins were di di) two lots of amniotic fluid, a hell of a lot of blood and water, and two big pair of boobies (woohoo). That’s a lotta weight gain by any standard. This is before you factor in the appetite of eating for three! So how big are you gonna get….? Fricking massivvvvvveeeeeee!!!!!!

I put on 5 stone altogether, I couldn’t walk far near the end and getting in and out of shower/up and down stairs/ turning over in bed….well these all presented challenges. If your preggas in winter expect to have cold toes until someone visits (hopefully with chocolate) and can put your socks on for you. I was mainly confined to the couch in the final weeks. I couldn’t drive or go out on my own really. One particular highlight was a trip to asda with my mum who pushed all 3 of us round in a wheelchair. (Thanks mum)

At 35 weeks my midwife measured my bump and I was registering 52 weeks pregnant, this is just not normal! #elephantterritory.