Ok so my twins are walking now and every trip out (when I let them walk) is a fantastic, magical adventure. So a trip to Mothercare to have a wander up and down the aisles is like a colourful maze of interesting things to look at to a 13 month old. This particular time was one of my first of many moments when I realised I had twins. (It is a realisation moment I like to call a twin moment) So we are in Mothercare having a snack and I decide to let them out of their highchairs. (stupid mistake) They are still quite slow and unsteady on their feet so I think – it’ll be ok I can catch them if they run off.  It was all going well until the boy twin, who loves wheels, spots a pram moving and decides to follow. The girl twin, who loves people, spots a child and decides to follow them. So there I am in Mothercare with two babies wandering off in opposite directions. Which way do I go? Who do I save first? What do I do?

I was completely flustered… I just stood there completely stuck on what to do ….

So in the end, I chaised after the boy twin and picked him up who started screaming with protest and then turned around to try to spot the other one and couldn’t see her! (ffs) so I’m shouting her name, retracing my steps and quickly find her banging on a box of toys laughing her head off in a corner somewhere. (phew) I grab that twin and start to drag her away from the box, she starts screaming and throws a massive tantrum on the floor. So I have one twin under my arm thrashing about, screaming, and I am now dragging the other screaming twin back to the highchairs. All the whilst my hair is everywhere, I’m sweating cobs and I look and sound like a wild woman. So I attempt to put both twins back in pram but they keep trying to run off. I’ve got one between my legs whilst I’m shoving the other in the pram as they have gone stiff as a board and refusing to be strapped in. (this is so stressful) I have an audience now, mothers with one child, just staring as if we are a freak show. I finally get them both in the pram, shove a dummy in each of their mouths, grab my coat and bags and leg it out of there. #wildwoman