I can guarantee when anyone approaches you when you are out and about with your twins, that they will ask these questions. Some mums eventually tire of the same old questions but I’m always happy to speak to people who wish to know about my twins. I’m quite laid back when people ask me personal questions about how they were conceived and born. Some twinmums take offense but I don’t. I like the attention if I’m honest. So this is how the conversation will go……every time.

Wow … are they twins?


Are they identical?

No one is a boy and one is a girl

Can you tell them apart?

Yes one is a girl and one is a boy

Are they natural?


Are there twins in your family?


Where you shocked?


How old are they?

Xx months

Whose the oldest?

The girl?

What are their names?

Xx and xx

Are you done then?

No I want more children

Then they will always part with a good luck message or an offer of sympathy as if it’s a terrible thing. It is strange…every time ..the same questions…people are just so curious about twins. #spanishinquisition