So when there are two babies pooing and weeing round the clock you will change quite a few nappies in a typical day. I counted at one point 12-16 nappies per day. 6 of them can be done by 9am!!!!! I know this is just part of having a baby but goodness me it can be relentless some days when all you feel like you are doing is changing nappies. When the twins wake up I always change them after their bottle. Then after  20 mins or so, like clock work, they will both do a poo. So that is already 4 nappy changes in the space of an hour. At one point when they were about 10 months old they were doing loads of poos each day (must have been eating too much) and before 9am they would have done 2 poos each. So including the first nappy change that is 6 nappies before you’ve even started the day properly. #nappygalore